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Manufacturer of Graphic Chemicals

All the chemicals you need for any graphics process. Photo Systems specializes in legacy processes and is one of the few companies that offers chemistry for all analogue processes. If it is a graphic or legacy process, we make the chemicals to meet all of your needs.

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About Us

Photo Systems Inc. is based in Dexter, Michigan, and specializes in graphic chemical manufacturing. We provide clients worldwide with a variety of film-processing chemicals and other processing solutions. No matter the request, we have the chemicals you need to get the job done. We offer high-quality chemicals and an excellent turnaround time. Alan Fischer is the owner of Photo Systems Inc. and founded the company more than 45 years ago. Since then, he has manufactured a variety of different chemicals to fulfill his clients' needs, including photographic, micrographic, and X-ray chemicals.

Mission Statement

We are about imaging solutions. Our customers are people who want to communicate, explore, astound, or inspire. Our mission is to give them the tools to create their images and ideas. To accomplish our mission we pledge:
To our customers – commitment to become true business partners, to understand each of their unique needs and expectations so their goals and objectives are one with our own. We will strive to deliver quality products and services on time and at a fair price. We will keep informed of current technology and provide our customers with the resources to remain competitive. We will offer creative solutions to our customers' needs while working toward continuous improvement of our processes to ensure  that our customers are receiving the greatest value.